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The Völgykapu Training Centre and Guesthouse expects its guests in one of the most peaceful outleaps of North Hungary, 50 km from Miskolc, in the valley of Zemplén Mountain which is covered by forest. The Guesthouse lays in the cuddle of Zempléni Landscape Protection Area, in the area of the Historical Wine Region of Tokaj, where the climate is pleasant, and the forest provides relaxation and recreation for those who aspire to these. If you want to imagine a few days without queuing, worrying, cell phone, computer, than you are at the right place…
The building of the Guesthouse is characterised by the harmony of stone and wood. The cuddling cliffs and the forest towering above it, make the patina of the place unique. As a part of the built environment, a closed, guided parking guarantees the peaceful relaxation of the guests. First of all, the Völgykapu Training Centre and Guesthouse is suitable for the performance of group training. It provides excellent environment for company meetings, team building, anniversary events, and for organising external meetings as well. The different social rooms are great for performing plenary and optional programmes, considering the size of the group as well. Furthermore, they are suitable for family or friends’ events.
The guests, who have business purposes, can have lectures, sessions, trainings, business meetings in well equipped conference halls. After active pastime, our guests can recreate in pleasant environment, in our restaurant, and in the rooms upstairs. In the Guesthouse, our guests can have unique gastronomical experience: breakfast from local products, original and Zemplén-characteristic meals, homegrown tang, and wild game specialities. For the pleasant meal we provide Gönci apricot and Tokaji grape-brandy, and kinds of excellent Tokaji wine. As one of the exclusive programmes, there is an opportunity for cellar visit around, for individuals (or for groups).
We provide peaceful relaxation for our guests with double-bed rooms and apartments with bathroom. The rooms have unique furniture. Apart from the forest trips (national Kék Túra – Blue Trip route), we recommend the following opportunities: Boldogkő Castle, have a look at the stone-sea, fishing (in river Hernád), visiting the memorial house of Simándy (a famous Hungarian opera singer). In the wider environment, you can get acquainted with the places of interest of Szerencs, Tokaj, Sárospatak, and Kassa – which is close to the Slovakian border. You can find more information about these on the left side, in the sub pages. Pleasant reading – and we expect you as our guest. Address: 1 Völgykapu Street, Abaújkér H-3882 (Aranyosi-völgy / Aranyosi Valley) Contact: Dr. Ildikó Lipcsik    Cell phone: +36-20/ 325-84-55