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Room 5 – Abaújkér

t is a duble-bed room, which similarly to the majority of the other rooms, it is furnitured with classical village-peasant furniture. A separate terrace belongs to the room, and air condition is available in the room. A modern, separate bathroom belongs to the room.


It can be found upstairs, in the corridor to the left.


History of the village:


The first written memory is from 1215, and in it the village was called Quer, in 1252 the name of the village was Ker.


In the age of the Settlement, the area belonged to the Kare tribe. Up to the 15th century, the Kéri family owned the village. During the Turkish subjection, the area became empty, and then in the beginning of the 19th century, it was reunited. The village got its present name in 1905. In the first part of the 20th century, there were farming smallholders, and holders working. The Bárczay family was the only rich family. The Zombory family is also worth mentioning.


The most famous person who was born in the village is Lajos Baráth, author. The sights of the village are the Bárczay castle (18th centurial, built in rococo style), the Roman style Reformed church from the 13th century, and the late Baroque Roman Catholic church.


Map of the village


Data of the village:

County: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén
Subregion: Abaúj-hegyközi
Rank: village
Area: 17,28 km2
Population: 677 people (data from 2001)
Population density: 39,18 people/km2
Post code: 3882
County calling code: 47
Address of the Local Government:
26 Bakócz Street, Abaújkér, 3882
Telephone: 47/532-001, 47/532-003
Fax: 47/532-004