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The pálinka (Hungarian brandy) – recommendation

If one has to mention the most well-known Hungarica, the pálinka will be among the most popular ones. When there was vintage in the village, or at disznóvágás (is a tradition still practiced in the Hungarian countryside, disznóvágás” means literally „pig cutting” or „pig killing.” This is a Hungarian tradition of harvesting of fattened pigs), or if the rabbit hunting was successful or was not it was good to drink a glass of pálinka. There was a man everywhere whose pálinka was the best. There were a few people everywhere who were could valid pálinka, and who could make memorable drinks from the fruit of this area.

Pálinka is a typical Hungarian drink, it is ours. It is our national speciality like Tokaji Aszú, red paprika or Téliszalámi (salami).

The owner created the ”institute” of pálinkárium, as a respect of his passion.  The pálinkárium is a 40m long cliff cellar, in which there is a place where the guest can taste the drink, and there is the so called vault, where there is the pálinka collection of the owner. In the tasting room there is 12 kinds of házipálinka (made from plump, apricot etc.), and 7 kinds of forest fruit pálinka. You can get further information if you click on this link: